Controller for your installation based on Open Source hardware

Controller for your installation based on Open Source hardware

Leaders from different companies usually agree in Water will be the oil of this century. Today, as populations increase and water supplies are stretched, we are developing more and more systems to make water at a low cost. We are going to develop a basic water treatment system based on Arduino. The water contained in the tank will be used for an irrigation system.

Equipment to be used Water treatment system consists basically of the following elements:

  • An M-Duino PLC: This controller is the heart of the system. It controls the display, generates interrupts, and controls the communication.

·        A Panel PC: Used to read and display the status of the system over the Panel Pc.

  • Turbidimeter: Water clarity is measured in nephelometric turbidity units (NTU). This measurement indicates the level of dirt particles within the water.
  • Ph Analyzer: pH is an indicator of the acid or alkaline condition ofwater. The pH scale ranges from 0-14; 7 indicates the neutral point
  • Level Sensor: The level sensor will indicate us the remaining level of water in the reservoir.

sch   Software and code In this example we will define some threshold alarms:

  • If the level in the water reservoir is less than 120 l, we will send an alarm.
  • If the turbiditmeter returns a value higher than 0.8 NTU, we will send an alarm.
  • Since the normal pH range for irrigationwater is from 6.5 to 8.4, we will send alarms whenever the value is out of the indicated range.

The PLC monitors all the time if an alarm occurs, and in that case, sends the boolean alarm of  each monitored variable: Level / Turbidity / PH to the Panel PC, where we will send print it in the screen. As in other newsletters, we use the Panel PC to read the status of the system efficiently. You can find the code to be uploaded here: 2014111_arduino_code   Key Benefits The main benefits of the Opiron purposed solution are:

  • Flexibility: This application note describes how the IndustrialShields hardware can be used to make an efficient water treatment system.
  • Freedom to modify your software: You aren’t limited to what one company believes you need.
  • East to be integrated: No matter if you already have an automation system. The Arduino hardware is easy to integrate into your system.
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