Arduino Wifi Shield CC3000

Arduino Wifi Shield CC3000

On this post it is showed the basics to work with Arduino wifi shield CC3000 with our PLCs.

The shield comes with the following pins:

Wifi Shield Pin Function
Vin Power supply for the shield
CLK(SPI) Synchronize wifi clock with microcontroller
MISO(SPI) Master Input → Slave Output
MOSI(SPI) Master Output → Slave Input
CS Chip Select
VBAT_EN Power-Enable to start the module propperly 
IRQ Interrupt from the CC3000 shield

*It also comes with one more pin called 3V3, this is only required if it is used a microcontroller that works at 3V3 like Arduino Due.


Now it will be explained how it is wired to our PLCs:

M-Duino   Arduino Pin  Wifi shield 
 5V Vin
 GND –  GND 
SCK  52 SCK 
SO   50 MISO 
SI  51  MOSI 
CS  Pin 3  CS 
*TTL Pin Pin 18-21  VBAT_EN 
 Pin 2,3 Pin 2 IRQ 

*TTL(transistor-transistor Logic) pins can work for two different purposes. One is for being a direct pin from the Arduino, the other is to be the pins in charge of I2C, UART communication. 


To work with the shield it will be needed the CC3000 library:


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