Ardbox Relay Communication pinout configuration

Ardbox Relay Communication pinout configuration

plc-arduino-arbox-relay-20-dinArdbox Relay Communications pinout configuration

Ardbox Relay PLC integrates the following communications.

  • USB: Intrinsically available.
  • I2C: Enable SCL and SDA connections (actual Arduino pins) with configuration switches. I0.0 and I0.1 not available. In order to implement this communication a 4.7kΩ pull-up resistor (IS.ACI2C-4.7K) is required.
  • RS232: Enable RX and TX connections with configuration switches. 2 and I0.3 not available.
  • RS485: Enable RE/DE/DI and RO internal pins with configuration switches. R1, R2, R5 and R6 not available. The defined Arduino Mega pins are showed in the chart below.

RS485 pinout


Arduino Pin









  • SPI: Enable pin 7, 4, 3 or 2. I2C or RS485 not available.

In LEFT Zone and TOP Zone  switches  the communications for Ardbox Relay can be enabled


Ardbox Relay Switch Configuration


LEFT ZONE. To enable communication connections the switchs must be set to “OFF”. Set to “ON” position to enable I/Os  PLC connection.  Communications and I/Os on the chart can not work simultaneously. For exemple if DE is enabled (OFF),  R1 will not work. OFF position provides direct connection to Arduino Pin (NOT for TX and RX), so they can be programmed according to Arduino pin features.

TOP ZONE. Communications and relays can not work simultaneously. If R6 is enabled RO must be disabled and conversly.

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