Using the original Arduino IDE

Using the original Arduino IDE

The Industrial Shields PLCs use original Arduino boards. Then the PLCs can be used as individually Arduino boards by The Arduino IDE. To use the original boards let the users to programm the PLCs by others programs which can program Arduino boards too. 

To start using this devices it is necessary:

  • Download the Arduino IDE from

Arduino Ide let to use these devices as a individually Arduino boards. It is necessary to see the diferent technical details from each product user guide and see the pinout details about the pin configuration because each pin can be configurated as:

  • Analog Input.
  • Digital Input.
  • Interrupt Input.
  • Direct contact from Arduino board. (Some devices have the posibility to connect directly by the Arduino Pin).
  • Analog Output.
  • Digital Output.
  • PWM Output.
  • Relay Output.

On the other hand there are diferent communication ports availables:

  • Ethernet (See Ethernet PLC)
  • RS485
  • RS232
  • I2C
  • SPI
  • Serial TTL

(It is necessary to see the  technical details from each product to see the communication ports availability).


  • It is recommendable to download the oficial Industrial Shields library on GitHub.

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