RTC library for Arduino based PLC (DS1307 RTC)

RTC library for Arduino based PLC (DS1307 RTC)

The Industrial Shields PLCs use original Arduino boards. Then the PLCs can be used as individually Arduino boards by The Arduino IDE. To use the original boards let the users to programm the PLCs by others programs which can program Arduino boards too. 

You can use different models of RTC with the PLCs. This example shows how tu use the DS1307 RTC board.

It is necessary to download the RTC library from GitHub:


After the downloaded you can upload that library on the Arduino sketch. (you can see an example about how to upload a library on: 

Industrial Shields library in Arduino IDE.

Then, to use the RTC board it is necessary to make 2 steps. 

  • The first one put the RTC board on time.
  • The second step confirm that the RTC is running.


Upload to the Arduino the settime.ino file.



Upload to the Arduino the readtest.ino file.

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