How to connect Arduino based PLC with a OPC SCADA compilan

How to connect Arduino based PLC with a OPC SCADA compilan

On this post it is showed how to connect an Arduino based PLC with any OPC SCADA compilan. To do this you can use M-Duino familyand Ardbox family .

This example require:

  • Arduino based PLC
  • OPC Server for Arduino
  • OPC libraries for Arduino IDE


How to intall OPC Server?

OPC Server allows you to connect your Arduino with any OPC Scada Compilant. Just use the OPC.h library in your Arduino sketches, publish your items and provide data for each item you published in real time. You could retrieve/send information from/to your SCADA HMI software for building industrial applications.

Follow the next instructions to install the OPC Server on this link of Software Tools for Makers.

Once OPC Server is installed we can proceed to install OPC libraries for Arduino IDE.


How to install OPC libraries on Arduino IDE?

To install OPC libraries follow the next lines:

  • Open Arduino IDE
  • Go to Sketch –> Include library –> Manage libraries
  • On library Manager search “OPC”
  • Click on install  


How to use?

Software Tools for Makers has developed this software. On their web side there is few examples of how to use with dOPC Explorer, Matricon OPC Explorer and WinCC. Just take on mine that Industrial Shields PLC’s use an official Arduino Leonardo within Ardbox family and Arduino Mega within M-Duino family.

For example on our internal test we have used a WinCC SCADA system and M-Duino following the Software Tools for Makers example.

Software Tools for Makers example use an Arduino Uno. To make it work this example with Industrial Shields PLC’s we just need to change the Arduino Uno pins for the Mega or Leonardo pins or if you are using our boards use directly the M-Duino or Ardbox pins. Once these changes are done we can proceed to test it.


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