Ardbox – MDuino Arduino pin

Ardbox – MDuino Arduino pin

This post describes how to gain direct access to Arduino board pins  inside the  Ardbox and MDuino PLCs. This allows to work with the PLCs in the same way as using an Arduino, in other words,  pins at 5V and configurable as input or outpts.

Also, this  enables usage of  sensors  working at lower voltages than industrial standards 10V dc/24Vdc.  NOTE:Make sure the voltage DOES NOT EXCEED 5VDC!!!!!!!!

Following are listed the connections with direct access to the Arduino board  pins.

Ardbox: DE-D7  // RE-D4 // SDA-PIN2  // SCL-PIN3

MDuino: SCL // SDA // RX0 // TX0 // RX1 // TX1 // Pin3 // Pin2

In order to enable the direct connection to Arduino pins, the configuration switches for these connections must be set to OFF position.

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