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Software available to use Arduino Based PLC

How to Upload a Bootloader

How to Upload a Bootloader

To install a Bootloader on an Arduino Board it is necessary to have:

  • Original Arduino board (configurated as Bootloader burner).

Steps to configurate an Arduino Board as Bootloader burner:

  • Open The Arduino ISP Example on the Arduino IDE from: File >> Examples >> 11.ArduinoISP

arduino as ISP

  • Select the right board which will work as a Bootloader burner
  • Select the right port where the Arduino is connected.
  • UPLOAD!!!!

Once the Arduino board is configurated as Bootloader burner it is necessary to connect via SPI ports the Bootloader burner Arduino to the Original Arduino board where it is necessary to replace the bootloader…


Bootloader burner (Arduino “A”) Arduino “B”








After connect the Arduino “B” to the Bootloader burner (Arduino “A”) It is necessary to connect the USB cable between the Arduino “A” and the laptop.

Then you can continue doing:

  • Select the Arduino “B” board on the Arduino IDE (remember that you have connected The Arduino “A” to the Laptop) . ( Tools >> Board)
  • Select the right port (From the Arduino “A”). (Tools >> Port).
  • Select the Programmer type: Arduino as ISP  (Tools >> Programmer)

arduino as ISP_2

  • Click on BURN BOOTLOADER on the Tools menú.

burn bootloader

That’s all. Now you can upload a new file on the Arduino “A” 

And use the Arduino “B” as a new Board!!!!!

Using the original Arduino IDE

Using the original Arduino IDE

The Industrial Shields PLCs use original Arduino boards. Then the PLCs can be used as individually Arduino boards by The Arduino IDE. To use the original boards let the users to programm the PLCs by others programs which can program Arduino boards too. 

To start using this devices it is necessary:

  • Download the Arduino IDE from

Arduino Ide let to use these devices as a individually Arduino boards. It is necessary to see the diferent technical details from each product user guide and see the pinout details about the pin configuration because each pin can be configurated as:

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Industrial Shields library in Arduino IDE.

Industrial Shields library in Arduino IDE.

There is two ways to include the Industrial Shields library in the Arduino IDE.

(1) Automatically: USING the Arduino IDE

Open The Arduino IDE.

Click on: Sketch – > Import library…  

Then Search Industrial Shields  on the Library Manager


and click on Install

To verify the installation you can go at: 

File -> Examples -> Industrial Shields



(2) Manually:

How to use the Industrial Shields library in the Arduino IDE: (NOTE: This example also works for any other library you want to charge on the Arduino IDE).

1. Download the original IndustrialShields library from GitHub.


Click on: “Clone or download”

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Software available to use Arduino based PLC

Software available to use Arduino based PLC

Software available to use Arduino based PLC:

All PLCs use an original Arduino board inside.

For this reason it is possible to use several softwares to develop your project. See below a list of some of availables software you can use on Arduino based PLCs:

Resultado de imagen de arduino ide

The original one. This is the most used platform to use Arduino boards.  It is not necessary to modify any libraries to use Industrial Shields PLCs with this software. Anyway there is available an open Industrial Shields library available in GitHub.

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