Ardbox: Water treatment plant – Control tank level

Ardbox: Water treatment plant – Control tank level

This posts presents an application developed with Industrial Shields Ardbox Relay 7.0. In the facilities of a water treatment plant, retrofitting of the existing automated system was required.

The control system is responsible to maintain the tank level of water within defined limits. The level can be forced to increase/decrease operating  an available outflow pump.

Industrial Shields Ardbox Relay was adopted as the central unit of the control system and it has been running flawlessly for several months, providing a flexible, customizable and pricewise solution.

Some of the components integrating the whole system are:


(1) /(3) Light tower beacon

The main function of the tower beacon is to visually alert if the level alarmis triggered. Code example.

(2) Pump

Some of the  software structures and fucntions required for the operation of the pump are:


Timer examples and ISTimer library

Control of stepper motor


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